Sunday, June 21, 2015

Ice Creme Scoops


On Father’s Day, I shared the following story with our dads about searching for the best “tool” that reflects a dad’s love for God and family. I began a tenacious search for the perfect ice crème scoop. It was 2001, and I contacted Wegman’s, but on Thursday, the manager sadly responded that it was “too late” to order any ice crème scoops on time before Father’s Day.

On Friday morning, I was driving to St. Agnes Parish for a school Mass when I spotted this truck along the road with a sign “Looney Vending” and took down the phone number company. I wondered if it was a novelty company that sold ice crème scoops. I called the company to learn that they don’t stock any scoops, however, they gave me the name of a company in Batavia that sells commercial kitchen supplies. Next, I’m on the phone with the Buffalo Commercial Kitchen Company. Stefan, the sales guy, reported they have an account with a vendor In Ivyland, Pennsylvania that sells ice crème scoops. He puts me on hold while contacting his vendor in Pennsylvania. In a conference call, we made the deal for 150 ice crème scoops that would be delivered next day air to the Mercy Motherhouse for $356.69.

In 2015, at Holy Family on Father’s Day, I asked all our “nurturing fathers” to stand while our First Communion class gave them an ice crème scoop and prayer book. These dads smiled and I asked their beloved spouses and woman to touch their shoulders as I offered this special blessing from 2001.

A Blessing Prayer for Ice Crème Scoops for all dads on Father’s Day 2015.
“Lord you are the Creator of Rocky Road, Cookie Dough and Panda Paws, These ice crème scoops are tools of joy that bring comfort on hot, sticky days, May they remind us that we are your tools to bring peace, joy and love into our homes; May all division in our homes melt away as we load up on sprinkles and butterscotch sauce,

As we scoop out dishes of vanilla, chocolate and strawberry, may each gesture sweeten our attitude, May we be thankful for all the laughter, the smiles and desire in our hearts for peace. For mountains of cherries, bananas, hot fudge and whip crème topping let us give thanks,

May God the Creator of my favorite Pistachio, the Son who brought the sweetness of God’s love and Holy Spirit encourage us to bless these nurturing men, their ice crème scoops and make them holy."