Sunday, June 11, 2017

The Delight in Giving


This Sunday is Trinity Sunday and more than likely many folks travelled to their cabins for the weekend. I didn’t want you to miss the following story that gives us a profound insight into the meaning of the Trinity. Simply put, God takes delight when we can provide.

Let me explain why there has been no Sonshine these past few months.
After a two-year application process, our neighbor was awarded a state grant to remodel her home both inside and out. During the construction, she lived at her sister’s mobile home, while Sue fed, watered, and scooped litters for her nine cats twice a day for five weeks.

During the remodeling process, I hauled two tons of debris out of her basement and garage. Her furniture was rotten and broken so I started a search for good condition replacements. She needed a working refrigerator and stove and my parish offered her the appliances from the rectory.
Now that’s precisely what the Spirit of Jesus is all about. She needed working appliances, the parish had the parts, so let’s give it to her. The spirit moves us to go beyond what’s expected, to be as generous as the Father has been generous to us.

Now God enjoys those moments when we can provide, like when a mother brings joy to her child, when people in our parish bring food for poor children, and donating appliances.

 We should take delight that we are able to give delight, the uniqueness of being able to give delight, the joy of giving. To do these things is to do what God does and so to feel what God feels.

This afternoon, our senior lady was taking a walk around our farm and I asked her how was her new bed. This was also donated by a local furniture store. She looked at me with a smile and looking up into heaven simply said “wonderful.” It was that twinkle in her eyes and her smile in which I saw the delight of God when we can provide for another.

Lord, I pray for all my Sonshine Friends who continue to be generous in giving delight to their family and neighbors. Now you know how God feels whenever you provide for another person in need. That’s the true meaning of the Trinity. Enjoy your Summer!
PS: This neighbor still needs a new hot water tank, bedroom dresser, desk, table and chairs.